As a Renomark Renovator, we  agree to abide by the following code of conduct:

- Be a member in good standing of the local       Canadian Home Builders Association

- Abide by the Associations Code of Ethics

- Provide a detailed, written contract, including    scope of work for all jobs

- Offer a minimum 2 year warranty on all           work, excluding minor home repair

- Carry a minimum of $2 million liability             insurance

- Have coverage for work place safety and           employers liability and/or work only with           subcontractors who carry such coverage

- Carry applicable licenses and permits

- Have access to information, education,             training and development through                   membership  in the association

- Maintain a safe and organized worksite

- Return phone calls within 2 business days

Quality Built on Tradition

Code of Conduct

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At Rempel Builders, we understand the stress that a major renovation can cause. As active Renomark members, and with the experience acquired having spent the last 40 years renovating homes, we have learned that the key success in an industry that is often accompanied by fear and uncertainty, is to establish trust. Once trust is developed, much of the stress that would otherwise run rampant from project start to project completion, begins to fade.  

We start by providing a detailed estimate of the work to be completed. This allows any questions to be addressed before we proceed any further with the planning process, and before any financial commitments are made. Our estimates are provided complete with an extensive list of client referrals, so you can talk to people who were once standing in your shoes and have gone through the same process, arriving unscathed on the other side. Trust begins to build.  With a budget established, plans and project specifications are drawn up, and the project starts to take shape.  Further review of the plans allows for any adjustments to be made before pricing is finalized, and work begins.  

Through open communication, on going dialogue and transparency, trust continues to build. By providing assistance to ensure careful and detailed planning before any work begins, we are able to minimize the risk of project delays, and cost over runs.  As home owners ourselves, we understand the investment that your home is. As such, we provide a 2 year warranty as a standard part of all renovations we do, giving you the confidence that your investment is protected.    

Anchored on 2 generations of tradition, supported by a Certified Master Renovator designation, we specialize in everything from large scale additions and whole home renovations, to kitchens, bathrooms, and custom new home construction. Working together with only the most qualified trade and design professionals, and adhering to the strict Renomark Code of Conduct, our goal is to take the stress out of your renovation, and earn a positive referral once your project is complete!